RCS, Media Monitors relocate within thriving Westchester County

White Plains, New York October 12, 2006 - Employees of the World Headquarters of White Plains-based {http://www.rcsworks.com|RCS.} and subsidiary {http://www.mediamonitors.com|Media Monitors} will arrive at work Monday morning at a brand new location in the midst of the city's active upscale growth and development area.

The headquarters for RCS and Media Monitors will be {http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=135318|445 Hamilton Avenue} in the heart of downtown White Plains, the county seat of affluent Westchester County, New York. The ninety-five employees will be occupying the building's entire seventh floor and part of the second floor, both areas completely renovated with the latest technology in terms of power, telephony and Internet connectivity. The 30,000 square feet of office space for the companies is just one-half mile away from their former building on Water Street where they operated for eight years.

Philippe Generali, President and CEO of RCS and Media Monitors commented, "This 'uptown' move of our World Headquarters into a new facility features brand new technology to help both our staff and clients. With more than 7,000 radio stations around the world using one of our many audio and scheduling software products and services, we look forward to decades of growth."

Long legacy, steeped in radio legend

RCS was founded in 1979 to launch the company's first product, {http://www.rcsworks.com/en/products/selector/|Selector} music scheduling. By the mid 80's Selector had become the dominant software in the USA and in major radio markets worldwide. Today, RCS has 22 offices in 19 countries and its software is used at 85% of the music radio stations in 99 countries.

Media Monitors introduced its' radio spot monitoring service in 2003, and expanded to include spots from local cable and broadcast TV stations as well as newspaper ads. Today, Media Monitors technology is used daily by thousands of radio sales executives from the majority of major radio groups as well as by print and online publications and media researchers.

In January, both RCS and Media Monitors were acquired by {http://www.clearchannel.com|Clear Channel Communications}, the world's largest owner of radio stations.

About Media Monitors

Media Monitors (MM) is the nation's leading broadcast monitoring and verification service for broadcasters, print media, media researchers and ad agencies. The MM broadcast content recognition process of audio fingerprinting is protected by U.S. Patent 5,437,050. For more info visit {http://www.mediamonitors.com|www.mediamonitors.com}.

About RCS

RCS software is used by more than 14,500 radio stations, TV music channels, cable companies, satellite music networks and Internet stations worldwide. RCS is the world's largest broadcast software company. The company also provides broadcasters and webcasters tools and expertise and also develops real-time audio recognition technology.