NexGen Digital
NexGen Digital is everywhere

NexGen Digital is the most widely used radio automation software in the United States and now all over the world. There is a good reason why more and more broadcasters have turned to NexGen Digital to handle their day to day automation needs. Learn More

The Original Music Scheduler

Almost 30 years ago, RCS invented the first music scheduling program for the PC. Selector became the biggest selling music scheduling program in the world. Selector SQL is the latest version of the industry standard in radio programming. Learn More

Master Control
Master Control is Selector-Smart

Because of the Living Log Master Control is the only automation system that is Selector-smart and communicates constantly with your music scheduler Selector SQL. This means when you make a change, it automatically appears on the log and in the studio. Learn More

Smart Ripper
Advanced Audio Ripping

We've improved Smart Ripper and the Audio Format Converter! In addition to the ability to extract a perfect digital copy of an original CD track in a fraction of real time and preserve each song in its original crystal-clear state with built-in normalization, you can now convert your files into PCM, MP2, and MP3*. Learn More

Schedule Links like Songs

Linker is the world's most widely-used promo scheduler and the companion product to Selector music scheduling. Linker handles the often overlooked, but critically important non-musical elements on your station. It schedules and rotates promos, jingles, liners, sweepers, intros, beds, public service announcements, live scripts or special effects. Learn More

Long form or short form recording

Record airchecks, recycle promotions, save entire shows, or keep tabs on the competition with RCS Tracker! Access data from a log to pinpoint specific breaks, bits or spots - and review from any Internet ready computer. Learn More

RCS RadioShow
Radio Visualized

Technology is all around us. We now have the Internet, MP3 players, mobile phones and many new digital platforms emerging around the world. Radio must keep step with the available technologies. RCS RadioShow keeps your station in front of the listener, no matter where they are or what they are doing - and no matter which digital platform they are using. Learn More

The Software Solution for Scheduling and Invoicing

Airwaves Traffic controls commercial scheduling and invoicing, edits and stores scripts, provides instant sales and revenue projection reports. It manages clients, contacts and client calls. Learn More